Georgian style watergilded frame

with bead detail on inner edge


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Frames for a set of original Hogarth engravings, A Rakes Progress.

Described as sanded slip frame in black gothic surrounds.

Watergilded Morland style frame with "lambs tongue" detail.

Traditional Rosewood veneered frame with watergilded slip


 Traditional Birdseye Maple Frame

"Prince Regent visit to Oxford"

Hand coloured engraving in watergilded Morland style frame.

Hogarth "Before and After". Two early engravings in traditional "sanded slip" frames

 Birdseye Maple Frame with wide watergilded slip around Oxford engraving.

 Hogarth style frame

Ebonised wood frame for early world map.

Ripple style ebonised frame on early map of Belgium

All frames handmade, gilded and finished by

Dermot McArdle