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Toning glaze to apply over new gilding.

Toning Glaze

New Formulation

This glaze is applied to newly laid gold leaf gilding after all distressing and burnishing processes have been completed.

It is suitable for both oil and water-laid leaf.

The glaze will tone the reflection of light coming off the gilding without diminishing it's lustre and brilliance.

The effect will be to give the gilding a softer and more relaxed appearance.

This glaze is a hand mixed combination of mineral pigments held within a water based medium and is applied thinly between layers of diluted RSG - rabbit skin size.

The full measure of 30ml of glaze will be sufficient to cover several square feet of gilding and is sold at  £120 inc. postage.

A smaller promotional sample can be purchased for £10.50 inc. postage.

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